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*** Online Course Now Available***

This is a self paced course completed via distance learning.

Day Course Dates (9:30am-2:30pm)
Berwick Campus- Friday 21st and 28th August 2020

Night Course Dates: (6pm-9:30pm)
Berwick Campus- Thursday 20th and 27th August 2020

Weekend Course Dates (9:30am-12:30pm)
Berwick Campus- Saturday 22nd and 29th August 2020

​​A Certificate is issued on completion

Course Name

SCVLASH0017 (Non Accredited Unit)
Volume Eyelash Extensions- Includes Kit

Course Code




Course Content

  • Volume Eyelash Extension Application
  • Client Consultation
  • Creating Fans
  • 2D (Y) and 3D (W) Lashes
  • Multiple styles and Effects
  • Customisation for clients
  • Determining suitable service according eye shape
  • Calculate ideal level of volume
  • Create a multi dimensional volume lash look
  • Perking, Feathering, Bridging and Layering
  • Corrective Techniques
  • Work on a practice dummy
  • Work on a live models
  • Manual Included

Pre Requisite

Accredited SHBBMUP001 Eyelash Extensions Course


On Campus:
1 x Online (Theory Component) plus 2 Practical On Campus Sessions

Self Paced

Course Cost including Kit

On Campus and Online
PayPal Instalment Plan or CCBT In House Payment Plan
Includes Full Kit in case
$790.00 Includes Kit
AfterPay, ZipPay and PayPal Available

Payment Options


PayPal Instalment Plan
$158.00 x 5 weekly instalments
CCBT In House Payment Plan (Direct Debit)
After deposit of $158 then $632 is direct debited at $158 x 4 weeks
AfterPay and ZipPay Option
Either of the above options can be used to pay for the course and kit in full.


PayPal Instalment Plan
$197.50 x 4 weekly instalments
CCBT Interest Free Payment Plan (Direct Debit)
After deposit of $197.50 remaining $592.50 is paid off at $197.50 per week over 3 weeks. 
AfterPay and ZipPay Option
Either of the above options can be used to pay the course in full.

​Pay in Full Option

5% Discount applies:

​*Payment Plan can be customised to start prior to the course with less weekly repayments- Please ask the Short Course Consultant

Kit Includes

1x Lash Academy Ultra bond 5ml
1x Mink C .05 Mix
1x Mink C .07 Mix
1x Mink D .07 Mix
1x Mink D .05 Fast and Easy Fan Mix
1x Lash organiser
10 x Gel Under Eye Pads
1x Lash Academy Foam Cleanser
1x Lash Academy Primer
1x Lash Academy glue remover
1x Mascara wands
1x L-foot Tweezer
1x Pro Angle Volume Tweezer
1x Fine I-type Tweezer
1x Micro Brush
1x Micropore tape
1x Adhesive Sticker
1x Lash Academy tweezer cleaner
1x Ancillary pack

(items in kit are subject to change)

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PayPal Instalment Payment Plan- On Campus Inc Kit

Instalment Option

PayPal Instalment Payment Plan- Online Including Kit

Instalment Option

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