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We offer a range of Accredited Courses that are Nationally Recognised. Our courses run in accordance with the National Beauty Training Package and delivered according to strict nominal hours. Accredited Short Course units can also be used as Credit Transfers toward a full qualification. Accreditation means you will be covered for Public Liability insurance and your Statement of Attainment for Accredited Short Courses are Nationally Recognised. Accredited courses can be delivered to Victorian residents only. Non Accredited can be delivered Australia wide.

COVID19-LIVE CLASSES- Remote Learning Course Now Available

In addition to our amazing On Campus studies, Casey College has created an Amazing Remote Learning Program and Short Course Online Learning Portal, allowing students to complete their chosen course online.

Students can complete their chosen course via our Remote Learning Program. Students will have access to all theory content and video demonstrations. Students will also have access to 'LIVE' theory and practical sessions once a week a trainer. Based on a student needs and how they are progressing, upon assessment, some students may be requested to come onto campus to complete additional assessments to gain competency. Students will be issued with an Accredited Certificate upon completion and being deemed as competent.

Live Class Dates via Zoom
Upon enrolment, students will have access to online content and video demonstrations from the day they enrol. Students will then attend as per the live session dates

Accredited Pathway Program
Students wanting to wait to complete an Accredited Course On Campus can now commence an Online Course online. This will not involve Practical 'Live' lessons. Upon completing the online course, practical demonstrations component and assessment criteria and submitting all of the required evidence, providing that all requirements have been met, Casey College will issue the student with a Certificate of Completion. Students will be requested to complete some practical sessions and on Campus Assessments to gain competency and Accreditation and will be issued with an Accredited Certificate upon completion and being deemed as competent.

On Campus Studies
As of November 8th 2021, students will be able to come onto campus locations and complete the entire short course on campus

​​A Nationally Recognised Accredited Certificate is issued in completion

What makes our courses different?

1. Nationally Recognised Accreditation

2. Designed by Beauty Therapists and Industry Leaders

3. Live Step by Step Practical Presentations

4. Exceptional Theory Content

5. Available to purchase on AfterPay and

6. Interest Free Payment Plans

7. Kits Included

6. Certification

7. Remote Learning Online Program

8. Live Online Classes

We have created most comprehensive curriculum for the optimum training in Online and On Campus Courses.
With our comprehensive short courses you can rest assured you are trained according to the highest standards and be content knowing you will complete our training with competency and current industry current skills.

For more details contact our Short Course Consultant:
1300 711 072 (free call)

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