Casey College is Raising the Standards when it come to Online Education!
With over 12 years experience CCBT has become the No 1 Provider in Melbourne to produce Nationally Recognised Training in Beauty Therapy and producing job ready graduates.

We have created most comprehensive curriculum for the optimum training in Online Courses.
With our comprehensive online courses you can rest assured you are trained according to the highest standards.
You can be content knowing you will complete our training with competency and current industry current skills.

Students will never be made to feel rushed through any course, and complete feeling not ready!
You should leave feeling CONFIDENT, COMPETENT and ready to enter the Industry.
We will make sure you feel this way once you complete an online course at Casey College.

How do CCBT Online Courses work?

Our online courses allow you to study in your own time and at your own pace with a full support system with any enquiries you may have during your studies.
You will work through each section of a course until you have mastered that skill and activity before moving on to the next section of the online course.
You can ask as many questions as you need to throughout the course with our Online Support Team and have access to a support email at all times.

Do I need any previous experience before doing a course?

No. You do not need any prior experience prior to completing one of our online courses. Our online courses are designed with the curriculum taking you from being a novice to be comprehensively trained.

If I am having trouble with my online course, what do I do?

If you need any assistance throughout your online course, you will have unlimited assistance 7 days a week for any challenges you may face during the course. Our Online Team is made up of experienced beauty therapy trainers that hold a Diploma of Beauty Therapy along with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
Therefore they are more than equipped to assist you with all your online needs.

Am I required to complete any Exams?

Your theoretical component will be completed throughout the online course using interactive media, quizzes amongst other components. There is no theoretical examination. However, there is a practical assessment prior to completion of the course.
One you have completed the online component and feel confident, you will be asked to submit a number of practical assessments and upload them to your online portal. This may consist of consultation card, photographs and video evidence.
We need to ensure you are able to conduct a live service from start to finish before issuing you with a certificate.

Will I be qualified and able to offer this service once I complete the course?

If you are located within Australia, you will be legally able to offer the service from your salon or home, providing you have met your local council requirements and obtained the correct insurance.
If you are located outside of Australia, you will need to check if any licensing requirements are required or if the certificate is recognised.

How do I learn my practical skills?

The practical component is covered in the depth throughout the online course. Step by Step instructions and demonstration videos will show a competent trainer performing the service in front of you. There is also downloadable application steps to refer to when completing clients.
You will be required to complete a certain number of clients to meet criteria and pass the assessment.
You will require models to complete your practical assessment.
We request you wait until you receive your course kit prior to commencing the online course. Unless you have already purchased the exact same brand and kit elsewhere.
Consultation cards and Feedback forms from your clients will also be need to be completed. This is done in order to evaluate how well your performed the treatment.

Do I need a Kit to complete the Online Courses?

We highly recommend that you complete the Kit with Course Option.
This ensures that you have all the correct materials required to undertake you online course and have all the essential elements to complete with ease.

Do I need Insurance?

We do suggest that prior to any form of online training, it is important to protect yourself with professional liability insurance.
We do suggest that prior to undertaking any form of online training, it is important that you protect yourself with professional liability insurance to protect yourself.

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