Casey College has designed Intensive ‘Accelerated’ Courses due to much demand for the industry. Casey College was the first college in Victoria to offer Short Accredited Courses as individual units and we are also the first to offer Intensive Accelerated Short Courses.

Intensive courses are run four times a year at the end of every term. Classes run on consecutive days and nights over a week rather than the normal short courses that run one day a week.

Intensive Courses are great for those who want to finish an Accredited Course quickly but still with the same nominal hours. In most cases you will be able to finish an Accredited Short Course over a week of consecutive sessions rather than completing once session a week over a month or more.

These courses are extremely popular and book out very quickly.

To view all of our Intensive Dates, click on the link to the Short Course of your choice and you will see the Intensive date under the dates section of that course.

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