Crystal Bennett- Pakenham Campus
Sooo Friday night was my Graduation!!! I had the best time ever and I'm so grateful to everyone that has supported me through my ups and downs through out my course. Especially to my darling husband who pushed me to follow my dream. I am so proud to let you all know that I was honoured by being awarded PAKENHAM STUDENT OF THE YEAR! I am so excited and sad that my journey is coming to an end with Casey College but also very excited with the prospects of a new job in the new year!! I had an interview last Friday and received a call today asking me to come back in for a second interview with the director, keep your fingers crossed for me everyone!

Shenae Oldfellow- Berwick Campus
Highly recommend Casey College. As a 2018 Diploma graduate, I can honestly say I am s glad I chose to study here. As a student with a learning disability, I was extremely nervous about going back to adult learning. The staff of Casey College supported me in every way possible and I will never forget it. Nothing was a problem and I was supported in every way. Having studied elsewhere previously, I can honestly say I have never experienced such support.

Jaime Anderon- Berwick campus
Happy but sad to say I have graduated diploma of beauty therapy. What a crazy 3 years it has been! Met some amazing people and i will be forever thankful to the amazing trainers and the knowledge they shared with me even though im not quiet finished as i am studying hard for final exams this week and putting together one last assignment, i feel extremely proud of myself . Thank you Casey College for helping me become a Beauty Therapist.

Tori Coady Lettice- Morwell Campus
Wow!! What feels like a lifetime, many obstacles to jump & climb through along the way but Friday night I graduate beauty school, I've come to the end of this journey! Finally got my diploma I couldn't be any happier ☺️ & to those friends & family that have stuck by me & pushed me to go further I could never thank use enough! Not to mention the wonderful trainers I've had & the amazing girls I've meant along the way some will be friends for life!!! I couldn't have done this without the support along the way. The journey may have ended but now it's time to fly higher & shine even brighter.

Jessica Walsh- Morwell Campus
Woohoo! I graduated.
I'd like to thanks all my Morwell CCBT girls for making my year so special and helping me grow as a person and a beauty therapist! Thanks to Leah and Mara who have helped me believe in myself, I couldn't think of any better trainers. Thanks to Anita for being the best receptionist ever and of course I'd like to thank my family for helping me achieve my goals! I love what i do and I'm proud to be a CCBT graduate.

Jaswinder Sidhu- Berwick Campus
Last night was an outstanding event. It was a memorable event for the whole life. Achieving a BERWICK student of the year award means A LOT to me. Thank you to all my teachers for their immense support, encouragement and guidance through out the year.# Kim Lucus# # Wandy D'Aton#Leah Thorburn. I would like to give special thanks to my teacher, Shani Di Prinse. Without her help, I wouldn't have made this possible. It has been a fantastic journey, time flies by, when I started, everything was new to me. I didn't know any one, but along the way I met such an amazing people who have made my journey unforgettable.
Thanks to # Krissy Hall# Simone Cross# Samantha Beard# Annie Smith# Jessica Moulding # Amanda Bysouth# Amany Haidar # Jessica Daniel and Veena. Thank u so much CCBT for creating wonderful memories.

Caroline Cox- Morwell Campus
Magical night. Leah and Mara...like I said I have no words... Kim and the entire Casey Cranbourne Casey College of Beauty Therapy team, you are all simply amazing. The support and encouragement you give is never ending. I cannot explain in words... Life changing? being awarded Morwell student of the year is such an honour, thank you x. To my girls... Thankyou for getting me through, putting up with me, my tantrums and my bossiness ;) I have learnt from each and everyone of you. Love to all xxx

Corrine Tomey- Berwick Campus
So two years ago I began my journey with Casey , I had wanted to be a therapist for quite a while and never went for it until this one day I decided, I'm just going to do it, what's stopping me.... I just need to do it. I still remember going in for the first time to get all the enrolment papers and how nervous I was meeting Kim and then going to do my literary and numeracy test I had a freak out and Liz talked me through it and made me feel better. My first class is something I'll never forgot, I had provide service to clients and we had to do a role play I instantly cried as soon as it was my groups turn and Brit put her arm around me and lead me away so no one could see me and reassured me everything was going to be okay. I went home thinking I was not made for study or learning but each day got easier and I had so much support from all the trainers from the very beginning, I recently had another break down doing my business studies, I was feeling so overwhelmed and as soon as Shani saw me she came and put her arms around me and I instantly felt better, this is a school full of caring and supportive trainers, and Im glad I got to spend the last two years with you all, I'm going to miss it. I want to say thank you to you all at Casey college, if it wasn't for you guys I don't think I would have made it. Also Thank you to my awesome partner Pat Fleming for putting up with me for 2 years and dealing with all the pre exam stress and study I had to do. Always encouraging me when I felt I couldn't do it. And everyone else I turned to for support and help and all my beautiful friends that allowed me to practice on them. I actually feel teary it's all coming to an end. Who would have guessed.. ? I made it!

Amanda Foley- Morwell Campus
Woah. Last night was amazing a night I will never ever forget!
My favourite people by my side ♡ surrounded by so many friends ♡♡
Last night I graduated from my Diploma of beauty therapy, the end of my long amazing journey with Casey Cranbourne! Words cannot explain my suprise and shock at being awarded out of so many beautiful talented girls Principals Award! With out the support of an amazing school, trainers and my family, friends and most importantly my CCBT GIRLS ♡♡♡
From our road trip, our hotel, my dress, hummer ride, the event, dancing the night away it couldn't of been more perfect! Congratulations to Caroline Cox & Phedra Togafau on Student of the year. I will miss being a CCBT GIRL... ♡& they will always be my gfs! #graduationprincipalawardshockedmemories

Krystal Smith- Pakenham Campus
I want to thank you for the most amazing 18 months!!
Training at this college has been life changing .... You have given me the most amazing opportunities and I've made the most awesome friends that I will have with me for life!! And to that one very special friend that I can only keep in my heart , you gave me the honour of being awarded in her name with the Leia van Deelen award - and I am truely grateful (Heather I'm so sorry I walked out on your speech was all just too much)
I am going to miss everything and everyone at casey!!
Kim you have accomplished such an amazing school that is changing the lives of so many people, and the trainers do such an amazing job and l love every one of you that I had!!
I'm excited to start my new chapter as a diploma qualified beauty therapist and see where this journey takes me and it's all thanks to you.... I will do this with my head held high and knowing that Leia is right there by my side every step of the way!!

Jess Molony- Berwick Campus
I never thought when I started this chapter that I would work so hard. Through the stressful times including assignments and exams to my first exam getting 100%. I'm am so proud of myself for striving to make myself a better beauty therapist and now I can officially say I have achieved that. Thank you to my wonderful and loving partner David Denver and my beautiful family and friends for your support over the last two years. Now onto the next chapter getting Finesse Beauty by Jess running.

Nicole Talbot- Berwick Campus
Celebrating my certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy is one of my most treasured memories. Beauty is my passion and I cant wait to get out and share my knowledge with everyone that i may cross paths with. First I will be back next year to complete my diploma and cant thank everyone at Casey Cranbourne enough, trainers, staff, other students and anyone who is a part of our community, without all of you I dont think I would have made it through this year and be looking forward to the future. From the bottom of my heart Thank you Kim, Liz and every single one of you who make this learning experience possible.

Jessica Reynolds- Cranbourne Campus
I couldn't have done it without all your love and support. Kim - you're incredible. Liz - you're the most kind hearted genuine person I've ever met - none of us could do it without you!!! And to all my trainers. I never thought I'd get here. But I did! Thank you all so much!

Lucy Spencer- Pakenham Campus
This year I have been lucky enough to be able to study my diploma of beauty therapy, and I've learnt what you are willing to put into it is what you'll get out of it, from all the study to many exams throughout the year but it has been completely worth it! I'm super excited to graduate tonight with family, my boyfriend scott and all the friends that I have made through out the year that I am very thankful for! Can't wait for what the future has to offer. This year I have been lucky enough to be able to study my diploma of beauty therapy, and I've learnt what you are willing to put into it is what you'll get out of it, from all the study to many exams throughout the year but it has been completely worth it! I'm supper excited to graduate tonight with family, my boyfriend scott and all the friends that I have made through out the year that I am very thankful for! Can't wait for what the future has to offer

Jessica G- Cranbourne Campus
I am just writing to thankyou all for support even after finishing my course this college has been amazing to continue their support with all students!. I have finally gained some placement and with those days I come in for placement every client I treat leave fantastic feedback and some even say they would love to rebook for a treatment from myself. It really builds my confidence knowing I have been taught to the highest of standards and can continue to preform to those standards out side of school. So thank you to all Trainers, Kim and Liz for putting up with me.

Mena- Cranbourne Campus
Hi Kim and ladies, i just wanted to take out some time to thank you and my teachers at CCBT for walking beside me and teaching me all things beauty. Monday night I won therapist of the year for Endota Spa Berwick and it got me thinking back to where my journey began...so thank you CCBT

Jordyn Mizzi. Gippsland Campus
Kim and Brit, I have never met more lovely, supporting and understanding people than you guys! Not to mention great trainers! I am so happy to be apart of this college, I want to fail every class so I can stay longer, ha ha not really. But you are all truly great! The way you handle things is so professional and fair and I really admire that! Thankyou for making everyone feel so welcome!

Tracey Chalk. Cranbourne Campus
Wow! Time really flies when your having fun, tonight is my last class at college. Thankyou to the wonderful teachers and staff for making the learning experience amazing and professional. I'm so happy to have made some fantastic friendships with the girls. I am going to miss coming to class! Thank you all and ill see you at graduation ball. The school is so accommodating to not only the younger students but also mums with kids. It is so well organised.

Lana Macartney. Cranbourne Campus
One year ago, I took a big leap of faith and enrolled back at school, it has been the most exciting and challenging year of my life. I'm grateful for all the trainers and the girls ive met along the way who aim to make my nights fun and full of laughs. I continue to enjoy every second and am aching for my graduation day!

Michelle Clissold. Cranbourne Campus
Going through my new kit. Happy to be working with such a wonderful company and proud of my role as Beauty Therapist for Jurlique. I get to travel, meet heaps of new people and work on some fantastic events. Thanks to some great trainers at CCBT for giving me a passion for skin care, facials and massage.

Imogen Heeney. Pakenham Campus
Girls keep asking me if Casey College of Beauty Therapy is 'any good'. YES it is! One of the best decisions i've ever made. You wont regret it. The trainers are lovely ladies and really help when you get stuck. Everything is always explained beautifully and they have shown me what I need to work on and improve in so eventually I will get there. If you really have your heart set on beauty/makeup and all that sort of stuff, then yes I would recommend Casey College!

Sharon Gates. Cranbourne Campus
Thank you soooo much to Casey College of Beauty Therapy for an amazing and memorable graduation night and a huge thank you for my 'Cranbourne Student of The Year' award. Absolutely over the moon about it- Thankyou so much. I have enjoyed every moment at CCBT. It has been an amazing journey indeed. Congratulations to all my fellow graduates... Wishing you all every success for the future.

Kim Earle. Cranbourne Campus
Early last year thanks to watching the very last 'Oprah Show' and listening to something that she said that resonated and stayed with me, I decided to follow my dreams. Since I was a young girl just starting out in high school I had always wanted a career in beauty therapy and in July last year, I started on my quest to fulfil that dream by enrolling at Casey College of Beauty Therapy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and greatly appreciated the knowledge, life experiences and encouragement that my trainers Megan Pitt, Liz Clapp, Georgie Wilson, Hary May and Amy O'Loughlin had to offer. You are all wonderful women with great character and have been an inspiration for me. Thank you to Kim Lucas for having the foresight to open a Beauty Therapy Training College in Cranbourne and providing such a great facility. I have surprised myself, I have gained many valuable experiences and although I stress a lot, I now realise I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it. Im proud of myself and my fellow student and what we have achieved and I now look forward to the future...
Its been a long and sometimes hard road but we are now fully qualified Beauty Therapists!

Stacey Kelly. Pakenham Campus
I am so glad I chose Casey College as I had looked at a few but as soon as I contacted you guys I had a good feeling and then when we had a our course consultation with Britt, I was sold. She was so gorgeous and made me feel ok about being old! Lol, this experience has been one of the best of my life. I have been surprised with some of my exam results and every single trainer have been so good in the way they teach.. You say its your job but I am sure we are very lucky all of us for choosing Casey College as yes, you guys are our teachers but it feels like I go somewhere everyday to do work with all my girlfriends! That's why I love it. I am getting taught about something I love by people that are excellent teachers, they are also way to nice to be just my teachers. They encourage and support and give more help if needed. I couldn't praise you guys anymore, maybe I could become the Casey College personal PR rep then I wouldn't have to leave? Lol.

Brooke Evans. Pakenham Campus
Finished my end of year final exams today for my Diploma of Beauty Therapy! I am now a qualified beauty therapist, woo hoo! Thank you to all my fellow students and trainers, past and present for making it such a wonderful experience, especially after not studying for many years. I look forward to letting our hair down and celebrating tomorrow night at our Graduation Ball!

Maria Lopez. Cranbourne Campus
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Kim, Liz, Georgie, Hary, Tamera, Tara, Genevieve and Bec who have all made my decision to go back to school an easy and enjoyable and memorable experience. Your guidance, encouragement and support has been paramount to my growth. You are an amazing team of women, who have been fundamental in my journey as a therapist. To all the amazing women/girls I studied with, its been a privilege to study with you all and I wish you every success in life.

Joanne Smith, Cranbourne Campus
I orignally chose Casey College of Beauty Therapy because of the location and the fact that there was a payment option available, as well as convenient hours that fitted around my childrens' school times. What I actually got was a lot more than that. The tutors at the college are outstanding, with all the knowledge, care and attention that you could ever need. The support I received throughout the year, with my changing circumstances, was amazing. The course structure and content was extensive, with the option of furthering my education or amending it at any time. The principal Kim Lucas was not only a phenominal teacher but has become a dear friend to me as have the other teachers. The fellow students I have met along the way have become lifelong friends. To add to all of that I now leave with a qualification ready to start my new life as a Beauty Therapist with endless opportunities, I feel the world is my oyster, which is all thanks to CCBT.

Jessica Mete- Cranbourne Campus
Firstly i would like to thank all the teachers for the time and effort that they put into teaching all of us girls. I found Casey College of Beauty Therapy to be a very welcoming school.
I have been interested in doing my beauty diploma since I was about 15, CCBT let me achieve that!
I love everything that I got taught, and I can't wait until I can utilize those skills in the workforce. At the moment I have a job working in a salon in Pakenham. As for the future I hope to own my own salon.
Thankyou Kim for making this all possible, without you none of it would of happened!!!

Alicia Marchesi- Cranbourne Campus
Thankyou CCBT for helping me achieve my Diploma of Beauty Therapy.
As a 32 year old mother of 2 and the everyday challenges of life I was unsure if I would be able to do it -but was reassured by the staff and some lovely students at the college that it would all be worth it and to focus on the end result!!
The teachers were always approachable, understanding and knowledgeable.
From day 1 my goal was to achieve my personal best by giving 100% effort in attendance, assignments and desire to learn- which has given me more knowledge, personal satisfaction-and is great for my resume.
Attaining my Diploma of Beauty Therapy has allowed me to start up my own Salon in a professional manner from the privacy of my own home-with hours that are flexible around my family life.
It has taken hard work, patience and desire but my goal has definitely been achieved, with the help of CCBT!!

Jayde Evonses- Morwell Campus
Thankyou! Thankyou! I have had such a wonderful experience throughout my time at CCBT. You are everything you promised you are in the course consults. The best thing I would have to say are the KITS!! They are amazing. Transferring from another college, I was sceptical about how it would be and I shouldn't have worried. You made the transition amazing for all of us coming across and welcomed us in. I cannot thank all the trainers and staff enough for making my dream come true!!!!

Emma Kate- Cranbourne
I would like to say thankyou so much for all your support at school with all my struggles there as well as in my personal life. I appreciate it very much and will always remember you fondly once Im gone (although I'll make sure to visit from time to time). You should be very proud of your school Kim, its not just a college, its a close family, great communication and respect for each other.

Sybilla Weshak- Pakenham Campus
I have attended CCBT for only 2 months, but what can I say, you are a breath of fresh air! As I am attending both your Pakenham and Cranbourne Facilities, I can honestly say that they are a credit to you. From what I have seen so far, your trainers are lovely and so knowledgable and really take time with each individual student. Your kits are also amazing!!!! I cant stop playing with my makeup kit :). I only look forward to more courses with you.

Diedre-Lee Monnahan- Morwell Campus
It is a big deal when you are trying to find a qualification that suits you as you are spending a great deal of money, this is why I was very happy when I was able to sit down with Brittany and have every detail explained and mapped out for me in simple terms. I am a single mum to two kids, so I was ecstatic to think that not only could I complete my cert III in the evenings but I could even customise my own timetable to work around the kids. Your payment plan also made it affordable for me as I am on a pension and find it hard financially. Thankyou for making this dream a reality.

Cara Cowes. Pakenham Campus
Firstly congratulations on your new 'HUGE' facility :) I heard it is great! I just wanted to write a little something about my time with you guys. First of all, your tutors are amazing and excel at what they do. I also wanted to let you know I got my dream job!!! Daydream Island here I come! Thank you for making my Spa Therapy career come true, your spa course is amazing and I made so many lifelong friends. I would love to come back and visit the new spa/wet room at the new place. I head over in June - Dec this year but will be back for the graduation ball!!! Thankyou- (Spa Therapy-Evening Student)

Kylie Jones-Pakenham Campus
Just want to say thank you to all the teachers at Casey College of Beauty Therapy. I loved being taught in a brand new environment with the latest equipment. The teachers were amazing and so helpful.
The payment plans are great, I could afford to do a certificate in Nail Technology and work part time!!!
The courses were very interesting and having limited students in each class meant everyone received attention.
CCBT not only got me through my training but also found me job placement at the end.
I would highly recommend students to train there. Its fantastic.
Thanks Kim and the CCBT Team.

Shannon Mildenhall- Cranbourne Campus
Kim and the staff of Casey College of Beauty Therapy, you have changed my life. Before I came to the college, I had tried to complete a certificate in Beauty, but was left behind in a large class in a fast paced class room, due to my dyslexia. When I came to you, you helped me start to realise my dreams, even offering to do oral examinations instead of written was a great help for me. You are such a caring person and I will remember you for the rest of my life, as you were the only one who gave me a chance. Thankyou.

Rose Dawson- Pakenham Campus
Thanks staff at CCBT, you guys are all so friendly and very professional. I would love to come and visit the new college in Cranbourne. You are such a credit to training in the beauty industry. P.S I want to come back and do permanent eyelash extensions!!!!!

Nicole Charlotte- Cranbourne Campus
I was very pleased when I saw you advertisement in the paper as we dont have anything like this up in the country. The Pakenham campus was quick for me to travel and do my training and the CCBT staff were very helpful. Would highly recommend the college.

Tea Webb- Morwell Campus
Loved training here, will be coming back to do more short courses. The PAYG payment plan is awesome and I was able to afford to do training because of this. Thanks CCBT

Naomi Healson- Cranbourne Campus
To the staff of Casey College of Beauty Therapy, I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed training at your Cranbourne facility. I loved doing make up artistry and wanted to thankyou for helping me find a career I love and providing me with the contacts to get into the industry. I would love to come back and do spray tan and eyelash extensions. I still think of that class when I here enigma on the radio!!!!

Leanne Stason- Cranbourne Campus
To CCBT staff, Just a note to say I loved training with you guys, you made it so easy from the start and were so welcoming. The PAYG option is the best as it was the only way I could afford to do the courses and kits included was awesome!!! Thanks again

Kelly Owen- Pakenham Campus
Thankyou so much, I loved completing my make up course with you and went on to have a successful career. Very professional. I love the new Pakenham facility too!

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